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Moving your biz to online? ready to upgrade your podcast? Want to go for a career in voice-over?

Learn the craft of professional voice-over. From narrating your presentation or lecture to playing around with cartoon characters, voice-over can be a doorway to childlike imagination and present moment authenticity.

(Best part, it's so much fun.)



narration voice-over

Lectures, audio books, tech specs, audio tours are just some of the work in the narration category of voice-over. Moving your class to online? Recording a welcome video for your website? Professional voice-over training can help you capture and keep your audience's attention.


performance voice-over

From podcasting to recording your own meditation, learning how to stay present and focused is key to sounding like a pro. And don't let sound audio software and editing hold you back from going for your dreams. Add it to the list of #worthit and #doable.


character voice-over

Cartoons, toys, educational apps, video games...the need for fun and imaginative voices only grows. Ever wanted to be the voice of a cartoon? Learn how the pro's do it with character voice-over coaching.

Lyra is a pure delight to collaborate and create with and anyone who gets to do so should consider themselves lucky as she will only help you to grow and reach your full potential.

J.P. | Business Owner 


Every one is unique so each session will cater to your specific needs, experience, and comfort level with voice-over. But the common denominator of our work will be engaging your body, opening your imagination, and practicing with helpful direction.

Physical technique
  • warming up the body and voice for recording

  • story telling with the body

  • articulation, pacing, and clear communication skills

technical skills

(for beginners)

  • working with the mic

  • sound editing for beginners

  • recording space & equipment advice

performance technique
  • identifying the "5 W's" of your script

  • trusting your choices

  • awakening your child like imagination

feedback & direction
  • positive and useful feedback

  • clear direction for your best performance

  • practicing with realistic or your actual scripts

You are so fun to learn from, thanks for all the great encouragement each lesson! :)


A.J. | Therapist


(Can you tell?)

I've always been drawn to voices. And the art of telling a story just with a voice, no image, no video, not in person, is so magical to me. Because the voice can carry an image to the hearer's mind. A voice can contain truth and emotion and history and magic even without seeing the speaker. To be that magical requires the most beautiful skills a human can develop - empathy, imagination, presence and courage.

I started my own voice over career in 2014 as a bold move toward a secret childhood dream. And now I get to pass that permission and knowledge on to others. If you have even a spark of a desire to play with your voice, I say go for it. And if voice over is more of a requirement for your business or job then I hope you find what I did, the ultimate place to play, imagine, and create.

As a voice-over coach I've worked with...

Private and group clients of all ages and backgrounds. I've hosted in person and online workshops to help others feel free, imaginative, skillful and in love with their voice-over artistry.

As a voice-over artist I've worked on...


National ad campaigns, internet videos, video games, television and radio commercials, and business narration projects. Some of my clients include Philips, Bebem Diapers, Rixos Luxury Hotels, Rochester Malls, Koleston Hair, and Aruba Networks.

As a voice-over student I've trained at...

Daytime Conservatory @ Voice One | San Francisco
"That's Not All Folks" Workshop with Bob Bergen
"The Booking Edge" Workshop with Steve Reisberg
"Learning British" Workshop with Ian Price
"Long Form Narration" Workshop with Bob Wood

Private Coaching with Elaine Clark