Wild Feminine Voice Coaching Program

Transform your relationship to your voice! Through this program you will soften fears, develop powerful techniques, and step confidently into your authentic, magical self-expression.

Is this you?

your body feels uncomfortable or anxious when you sing, speak or express yourself

you find it difficult to communicate vulnerably


you don’t think your voice is your biggest ally


you’ve done your work but you still feel fear around sharing your authentic truth, song, purpose, SELF with the world.

“I’m about halfway through Lyra’s program and I feel so much more comfortable about using my voice than I ever have. I feel more comfortable and enjoy singing more. I trust my voice. I feel that what I have to say is valid. This program has quite literally been a game changer for me. I feel as though I’ve rediscovered a piece of me that has been missing for a long time.”


- Jen C.

In this program...

You'll learn how to use your body in a supportive, confidence building way


You'll express authentic emotion, to improve your well-being and add magic to your message.


You'll cultivate a loving relationship with your voice and enhance your ability to be heard


You'll breathe life into the unique message you long to share

"I am experiencing my voice comes from a very deep place inside and is a direct path to the pure and potent center of who I am as a woman. I am able to show this part of me and let her shine because Lyra creates a space that feels totally safe and blends healing practices into the singing lessons in a completely nurturing way. As a result, Lyra is helping me to open my voice in many other ways of expression - from speaking my truth to being creative and so much more. Wild Feminine Voice is one of the most beautiful and powerful practices I have found."

- Tracy H.

What's included...
  • 12 private coaching sessions with Lyra over Zoom Video

  • Beautiful workbook with at-home exercises and journaling assignments

  • Helpful "Voicing Technique" videos

  • Soothing meditations to soften your transformation

  • Support from Lyra mid-week via Voxer App

This woman is pure gold! I've never met someone who can take a look at a person and their needs and see how all the dots connect so brilliantly. Connecting each dot is like an adventure into places that are seemingly too much fun to be work. All of a sudden you realize your dots make a shape and uncovering that shape was actually quite playful, rewarding and insightful!”

- Davina M.

Wild Feminine Voice is dedicated to helping women feel confident, safe, and free in their authentic self-expression. 


“I believe in the power of waking up and liberating the feminine voice. I believe this is the last puzzle piece women need in order to step into our full authority, dignity and mastery. I believe that by liberating your voice you can heal your soul and change your life.”


Love, Lyra