An intimate online class for women to practice expressing truth, power, and love through their magical singing voice.

This is not a normal singing class.

This isn't really about singing scales or performing songs. Yes, we'll resonate our vocal chords and send vibration from our bodies into the world (aka sing). But this class is something new - the adventure of discovering and expressing your authentic, vulnerable, and vibrational voice.


I believe that every human has access to a singing voice and the idea that we need to sound perfect before we're allowed to use this tool is ridiculous and harmful. I've been to many countries around the world and not even North Korea has as shut down of a singing voice as what I've found in America. It's time for that to change. Our wild, feminine, and embodied voice deserves to be felt and shared. Anything less is fear based and stupid.

You may have been singing all your life, you may only sing when alone, or maybe you've never tried. It doesn't matter. An embodied voice that expresses emotion, clarifies boundaries, asks for what it desires, plays in freedom, and sings for the pure joy of expression, is what I want to help you develop.


We're going deep into the inner voice, the wildest, the most innocent, most precious, and most truthful part of you. 

Is Singing Circles for you?

See if this feels like you...

  • Are your nerves, inner critic, or perfectionism getting in the way of creating the life you want?

  • Is it time to challenge the belief that you can't sing, shouldn't sing, or should sing perfectly?

  • Do you want to use your voice to heal, manifest, set boundaries, create intimacy, and joyfully express?

  • Have you ever felt words, thoughts, emotion or song get trapped in your throat?

  • Would you like to feel playful, musical, and fully yourself in front of others?

If so, great! Now make sure you can say "yes" to these too.

  • I am willing to explore my emotional truth while staying conscious of my projections, fears, and judgements.

  • I do my best to be respectful and gentle with my own and others' vulnerability.

  • I am open to being imperfect and stretching my comfort level in a safe environment.

If you're a yes, probs for you. Yay!

What to expect in a class series.

Week 1

Welcome your voice

  • We’ll talk about reasons we don’t feel totally free in our authentic singing voice.

  • We’ll spend time in sensual experience of the vibration of our beautiful voice.

  • We’ll go on an inner journey to welcome in your precious voice that desires to be heard.

  • At home you’ll go deeper into understanding the fears around expressing your voice.

Week 2

Share your voice

  • We’ll talk about the anatomy of your gorgeous physical voice.

  • We’ll practice warming up the body with vibration exercises.

  • We’ll share our unique voices with the class and be witnessed in our truth.

  • At home you’ll practice vibrating along to a playlist.

Week 3

Heal with your voice

  • We’ll discuss the theory of resonances associated with the chakras.

  • We’ll explore healing vibrations and accessing emotional truth through vibration.

  • We’ll meditate while vibrating healing energy throughout our body.

  • At home you’ll find a song that you really enjoy and try vibrating along.

Week 4

Harmonize your voice

  • We’ll discuss how to use harmony in manifestation and attraction.

  • We’ll practice singing harmony.

  • We’ll visualize and harmonize with a "best case scenario" future.

  • At home you’ll continue to add to your list of embodied music.

Week 5

Expose your voice

  • We’ll bring up what fears pop up in reaction to feeling exposed or vulnerable.

  • We’ll practice sharing our truthful voice in front of safe witnesses.

  • We’ll meditate on finding and amplifying safety after an upset.

  • At home you’ll practice singing in front of a witness or by recording and listening.

Week 6

Refine your voice

  • We’ll discuss the safety in blending in and the edge of standing out.

  • We’ll practice creating different sounds and tones in your musical voice.

  • We’ll share what our authentic voice craves to say.

  • At home you’ll practice singing in your own and others' styles.

Week 7

Celebrate your voice

  • We’ll discuss how your exploration into your voice has impacted your world.

  • We’ll each share a song and be witnessed in our truth.

  • We’ll meditate on the joy of being free and safe in our authentic expression.

  • At home you’ll find a new way to celebrate and kindly treat your voice.

Week 8

Own your voice

  • We’ll sing our song and be witnessed in our truth.

  • We’ll imagine, speak, and sing a vision of our future that we wish to live.

  • At home you’ll draw your vision toward you through your magical voice.

What you'll get out of this class series.

Tangible results include...

  • deeper understanding of your triggers and old protective strategies

  • practical tools for managing anxiety, harsh inner dialogue, and fears of being seen

  • awareness of your anatomical voice and how your body reacts to your mental states

  • an "embodied voice playlist" to practice with

  • journal prompts, resource material, and practical vocal exercise routines

  • communion with a safe and encouraging group of women

Intangible but feel-able results include...

  • increased self confidence

  • increased comfort while using your singing voice

  • increased ability to communicate your personal truth

Any questions? Contact me!

Class details

Singing Circles Series 1

Small group gathering over Zoom.


Ages 21+, all background, ethnicity, race, sexuality, and experience levels welcome.

Class Schedule

Saturdays, 10:00am MT - 11:30am MT

January 9, 2021

January 16, 2021

January 23, 2021

​January 30, 2021

*break, no class*

February 13, 2021

February 20, 2021

February 27, 2021

March 6, 2021

Cost details

Full payment is $444

Payment plan is two payments of $244

If you're feeling super called to this but cannot swing the cost, let's chat.

How this work affected others.

The way you hold space made it feel safer to explore emotions and dynamics that previously felt a bit too far out of my comfort zone to play with. I love the free-flowing, personable and interactive way you naturally teach.

Rachel C.

I really feel like what benefited me most was having my voice, and the expression in it, honored by another person…and that it gave me permission to open it up.

Jessica S.

I'm so grateful for you and the work we did together so that I could show up for myself in this most profound way that is so simple it's hard to believe it would actually work.

Charity L.

Lyra Zabriskie is a supremely talented teacher, someone who has a rare magic gift to truly teach through zoom, using it as an interactivity platform where users feel heard, engaged, and seen.

Laura H.

As someone who had the privilege to sit in on one of Lyra’s webinars, I can honestly say that this woman is beyond talented. Her magic is strong and her ability to uplift women is immeasurable. She will push you to grow in the most loving of ways.

Diana T.

You hold an amazing space and capacity. I wanted you to know that I experienced a big shift into vulnerability with my voice which is very big for me.

Jen B.

It was amazing (not exaggerating). So may things I want to put into practice! I’m so happy I found you. And will share about you to anyone who listens. 

Andrea C.

Voice class is a joy for my daughter. An opportunity for her to explore her authenticity. She is learning to center herself, and then to speak, shout, sing, or demand from that center.

Kesley G.

I feel different! I feel an opening and a new strength and confidence inside. I heard myself talk and I could hear my voice was different and I felt more grounded in my words!

Deann B.

Last space on this page to sign up.

I'm so excited about this work. I've been dreaming of it for years. And now I've got the understanding, the experience, and the courage to launch. Singing Circles is a safe and fun journey to explore and express your incredible voice. If you feel pulled, called, an urge, a surge of excitement, a tingling, an inner yes, etc. then give it a try. My desire is to lead powerful women into their birthright of their embodied self expression so they can change their lives and the world. That you?

Desire support before class begins?

Learn more about 1:1 sessions on my Voice Empowerment page