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And empowered communication is magic. Professional communication training from Wild Feminine Voice gives your dynamics and your vibes a big ol' boost.

happy teams come from healthy communication

Boundary setting, quality listening, mirroring, the art of compromise, and saying what you mean are not just skills for the bedroom. Healthy communication retains excellent employees and sets the tone for those who fall below the mark.

Fake it till you make it is overrated

It is possible to feel confident in your authentic expression. Developing the right physical, emotional, and mental tools can allow even the most spotlight-averse introvert to feel solid in their honest expression. Learn how to prepare, perform and post with confidence.

stand and deliver
your compelling message

What makes people watch, listen, and remember? Your ability to craft and tell a story. First step is to clarify your message and then it's all about conveying it with presence and authenticity.

Is it time to feel incredible in your communication? The work is fun and the results are powerful. Get in touch to receive a custom quote for your specific needs.

"Thank you for today!! I feel different! I feel an opening and a new strength and confidence inside. I heard myself talk and I could hear my voice was different and I felt more grounded in my words!"

D.B. | Business Owner 

                                    WORKING WITH THE FINE ARTS MUSEUMS OF SAN FRANCISCO

A couple years ago I lead the marketing teams at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco through a two day communication workshop. Th​e goal was to set a standard of healthy and productive communication across teams and departments. We also did a deep dive with the core leadership team to build confidence and charisma in personal presentations.

Day 1: Setting the Tone

Audience: Marketing department and customer support staff (60+)

Goal: To establish the standard of healthy and effective communication across the Marketing Department


- Discussing healthy vs unhealthy communication at work

- Interactive boundary setting workshop

- Journaling and small group exercises to understand personal investment in healthy communication

Day 2: Deep Dive

Audience: Marketing leadership group (10)

Goal: To enhance charismatic, convincing, and effective communication techniques


- Lecture on how to calm and energize the body before speaking

- Creating a compelling presentation: story arc, presence, and authenticity

- Practice presentations with targeted feedback

The result was a positive and fun two days filled with practical information and hands on experience. Each leadership member made noticeable improvements in their storytelling and presentation abilities.


A helpful checklist to feel confident, focused and grounded while presenting.


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This step by step guide gives you practical steps to feel confidence and focused before stepping into the spotlight.