Expand your confidence, authenticity and creativity in a safe, fun, and transformative environment.

As we started, Lyra created such a safe container to discuss my vulnerable fears, and goals. By the end of my first hour session, I was already transforming the way I use my voice! I walked away feeling empowered and more connected to my body and voice.

- B.M. | Marketing Director & Mother


Voice empowerment sessions are for people who want to feel more confident in their self-expression.

The people I work with often want to sing with abandon, set boundaries in relationships, feel unblocked when articulating thoughts, perform with authenticity, express emotions more freely, give permission to their creativity, or share their gifts with the world.

I work with children and adults, all gender, all ethnicities, and all spiritual beliefs. I love working with people who are open to growing, shy people who want to feel more confident, and confident people who want to be more authentic.

Is this you?


I feel so much more comfortable about using my voice than I ever have. I feel more comfortable and enjoy singing more. I trust my voice. I feel that what I have to say is valid. I’m more clear about what I have to say. This program has quite literally been a game changer for me. I feel as though I’ve rediscovered a piece of me that has been missing for a long time.

- J.C. | Clothing Designer & Mother


In each session, I use my understanding of performance, embodiment, singing, counseling as well as my intuition to guide our time together.

Typically we begin with practical exercises that target your goal - singing, presenting, performing, boundary setting, confidence building, etc.

Some sessions focus on practical skill building. Others are more conversational where we explore the deeper emotions, memories, or patterns that hold you back from feeling absolutely at ease in your expression.

I work to create a safe, playful, and though-provoking container for you to gently expand your comfort zone.

Lyra is a gift. Voice class is a joy for my daughter. An opportunity for her to explore her authenticity. She is learning to center herself, and then to speak, shout, sing, or demand from that center. I can think of no other skill more important to teach our children.

- K.G. Business Development Leader & Mother

The way you hold space made it feel safer to explore emotions and dynamics that previously felt a bit too far out of my comfort zone to play with. I love the free-flowing, personable and interactive way you naturally teach.

- R.C. | Spiritual Leader

Your genuine energy is impactful and you cater the session to what is needed. There’s just a authentic flow that is beautiful. I would encourage someone thinking about doing lessons to “JUST DO IT “ in the words of Nike. Because not only will you release your darkness but you will manifest your light and step into your life full body.

- K.J. | Entrepreneur

  • Sessions are held weekly over Zoom and typically last between 1 - 6 months

  • Private online sessions are $120/session for adults and $90/lesson for children

  • Sessions include: singing lessons, confidence building, or preparing for being in the spotlight


"What if I just want to try a session before fully committing to more?"

Be my guest! Sometimes its tricky to understand why you are drawn to this work until you experience it.

"Are you going to make me sing?"

Nope. If singing is your desire then we will enter into a gentle agreement with your inner voice. We don't push because that's what the world is already doing. Instead we create such a playful and love-filled environment that your singing voice can't help but want to come out and join the party.

"I've been singing for years but feel called to this work...why?"

A lot of musicians and performers have been developing a capable, proficient, and "perfect" voice. It's possible that now you're being called to develop your wild voice, your untamed, imperfect, intuitive, creative, unique voice. This work can be a great tool for songwriters, singers, performers, and artists to unlock their wild, creative, and authentic expression.

"I don't have a specific goal but I feel called to this work, why?"

Sometimes I work with people in a really practical way - singing, voice-over, public speaking, or interview training are all labels that make logical sense. However, sometimes I work with someone because they say, "My throat hurts when I try to talk with my boss." or "I think I have something to share with the world but it's scary."


The work all leads to the same thing - a more harmonious, safe, love-filled relationship with your authentic self expression and with how you show up in the world.

"Will I really be able to change how I feel about my ___ (voice/singing/self expression)?"

Yep. I know from my own personal experience that it is possible to go from feeling terrified to feeling deeply comfortable with how you show up in the world. This work isn't magic (although it sometimes feels magical), it's a practical and enjoyable way to change your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual habits in order to create a new way to live that is more harmonious with your authentic voice. Totally doable.

"How are you different from other voice coaches or singing teachers?"

Working with me is the initiation that gets you off the ground or supercharges you toward your goal. I generally work with private clients between 3-6 months because I am meant to initiate the transformation and get you to the point where you and your next teacher can take it from there. I love working with both the practical and the mysterious. I create healthy boundaries and am clear that I am not a therapist, nor am I in charge of your healing. I am, however, very good at helping people become conscious of the unconscious in a gentle way.

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