Expand your confidence, authenticity and creativity in a safe, fun, and transformative environment.

By the end of my first hour session, I was already transforming the way I use my voice! I walked away feeling empowered and more connected to my body and voice.

- B.M. | Marketing Director & Mother


Voice empowerment sessions are for people who want to feel more confident in their self-expression.

The people I work with often want to

  • sing with ease

  • articulate thoughts powerfully

  • perform with authenticity

  • unlock emotional expression

  • share their creativity

I work with children and adults, all gender, all ethnicities, and all spiritual beliefs. I love working with people who are open to growing, shy people who want to feel more confident, and confident people who want to be more authentic.

Is this you?


I feel so much more comfortable about using my voice than I ever have. This program has quite literally been a game changer for me. I feel as though I’ve rediscovered a piece of me that has been missing for a long time.

- J.C. | Clothing Designer & Mother


In each session, I use my understanding of performance, embodiment, singing, counseling as well as my intuition to guide our time together.

Some sessions focus on practical skill building. Others are more conversational where we explore the deeper emotions, memories, or habits that hold you back from feeling absolutely at ease in your expression.

I like to create a safe, playful, and thoughtful container for you to gently expand your comfort zone.

Lyra is a gift. Voice class is a joy for my daughter. An opportunity for her to explore her authenticity. She is learning to center herself, and then to speak, shout, sing, or demand from that center. I can think of no other skill more important to teach our children.

- K.G. Business Development Leader & Mother

The way you hold space made it feel safer to explore emotions and dynamics that previously felt a bit too far out of my comfort zone to play with. I love the free-flowing, personable and interactive way you naturally teach.

- R.C. | Spiritual Leader

Your genuine energy is impactful and you cater the session to what is needed. There’s just a authentic flow that is beautiful. I would encourage someone thinking about doing lessons to “JUST DO IT “ in the words of Nike. Because not only will you release your darkness but you will manifest your light and step into your life full body.

- K.J. | Entrepreneur

  • Sessions are typically weekly over Zoom

  • Online sessions are $120 for adults and $90 for children

  • Optional in-person lessons at your home include a $20 travel fee (SLC area only)


Are you going to make me sing?

Nope. If singing is your goal then we will create such a playful and permissive environment that your singing voice can't help but want to come out and join the party. And if singing feels off-limits, too scary, or simply uninteresting to you then we'll work on your speaking voice, vibrational voice, or creative expression.

I've been singing for years, why am I called to this work?

A lot of musicians and performers have been developing a proficient and "perfect" voice. It's possible that now you're being called to develop your wild voice, your untamed, imperfect, intuitive, creative, unique voice. This work can be a great tool for songwriters, singers, performers, writers and artists to unlock their wild, creative, and authentic expression.

Is voice coaching useful if I don't have a specific goal?

Sometimes I work with people in a really practical way - singing, voice-over, public speaking, or interview/audition training are tangible goals. However, sometimes I work with someone because they say, "My throat hurts when I try to talk with my boss." or "I want to be able to speak up with more confidence". This work all leads to the same thing - a more harmonious, confident, love-filled relationship with your authentic self expression.

Is it really possible to change how I feel about my voice?

Yep. I know from my own personal experience that it is possible to go from feeling terrified to secure with being visible in the world. This work isn't magic (although it sometimes feels magical), it's a practical and enjoyable way to change your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual habits in order to create a new way to live that is more harmonious with your authentic voice. Totally doable.

My child is interested, do you work with kids?

I love working with kids and have coached children on performance, auditioning, voice over, singing, and creative expression for over 15 years. A typical lesson would include practical warm up tools, acting/performance/audition training, or practicing giving big permission to playful expression. I work with children ages 7 - 17. If you have a group of kids, I'm happy to discuss hosting a workshop.