Your Magical Voice

Your voice has the power to influence your life beyond any other tool you possess.

That's the truth.

I'm not talking about just your physical ability to speak. I'm talking about when you take your thought, emotion, desire, intention, will - and put it into the world through expression. I'm talking about your soul's expression.

It's spellwork. It's magical.

When you begin to realize the power of your Voice, you begin to own your life.

When you learn to wield your Voice's power like a finely honed tool, you change your life.

When you identify your Voice's unique message and share it vulnerably, authentically, and visibly, you can change the world.

So why don't we all know how to use this magic?

Why aren't we taught how to hone and wield this power we naturally possess?

Because long ago, and through many hundreds of years of conditioning, we were disconnected (both consciously and unconsciously) from our knowledge of this innate human power. 

True, some cultures stayed in contact with this magic. Shamanism maintained an understanding of the Word. Judaism says God spoke the world into being. Jesus talked about the Word's mystery and creation ability. Witches and wise women kept verbal spellwork alive in secret. Lot's of old religions knew the power of the Voice.

But what's also true is that when hierarchical spirituality became the dominating system, the power of the Word became reserved for the guru at the top of the social pyramid.

Religion became consolidated, structure was put in place, and magic stayed with the chosen few. And it wasn't necessarily a bad thing. Let's express gratitude to the old paradigm for providing a firm structure (albeit a little out of balance at times) from which we now can move into our next phase of collective expansion.

Hierarchy is collapsing so that...

The individual, you, can step into your own wisdom, intuition, knowledge, magic, and power. Gurus aren't going to save you anymore with their secret, too-hard-to-comprehend knowledge. The dandelion seeds have been blown and knowledge is floating down to the masses.

In this new paradigm it is your responsibility to own and develop your personal power. 

How do you do that?

The first step is to become conscious of it. Allow the thought "You own and are the creator of your life" to expand within your brain, body, and essence.

Then begin to question this - if you are the creator of your life, how are you creating it? What tools do you have as a sweet, embodied, consciously creating human? 

You have your body, your thoughts, your energy.

And how do you express a thought? How do you share your energy? How do you tell a story with your body? How do you move what's on the inside of you, to the outside of you?

Through your magical, powerful, expression. Through your Voice

“If you are the creator of your life, how are you creating it? ”

The Voice is more than just your physical speaking (and that's powerful enough). Your Voice is the exit point for your thoughts, intentions, desires, imagination, emotions, will to leave your body and enter the world.

And when your Voice enters the world, the world changes.

When you know how powerful your Voice is, you become more magical than you could ever imagine.

Love, Lyra

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