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The voice is first and foremost a product of your physical body. It is so cool that your beautiful body has the ability to produce both the ingredients of sound: vibration + air. Learning how to support your physical voice through breath-work and voicing exercises can increase comfort, stamina and vibrancy.


Your voice is one of the most profound tools you have to express your natural and ever flowing emotions. Permitting emotions to be expressed unlocks deeper health and adds powerful storytelling to your communication.


Your "voice" is your communication: sound, song, writing, verbal language, body language, etc. Becoming a clear and effective communicator promotes intimacy in relationships, success in business and the manifestation of dreams.


The voice is your throat chakra, self-expression, your unique presence in the world. You're here to uncover and express your authentic self to the world; to share, guide, encourage, connect, laugh, cry, sing, ask. Using your unique, authentic voice is a spiritual act and can create great magic in your life.

I started lessons with Lyra to learn to sing. I quickly discovered she would teach me to sing and so much more. I am experiencing my voice comes from a very deep place inside and is a direct path to the pure and potent center of who I am as a woman.


"I am able to show this part of me and let her shine because Lyra creates a space that feels totally safe and blends healing practices into the singing lessons in a completely nurturing way. As a result, Lyra is helping me to open my voice in many other ways of expression - from speaking my truth to being creative and so much more.


Wild Feminine Voice is one of the most beautiful and powerful practices I have found."

T.H. | Business Owner


I started Wild Feminine Voice after going on my own journey toward liberating my self-expression. (You can read more about my journey here). I absolutely love playing with the voice - singing, voice acting, telling stories, processing deep emotion, getting goofy, public speaking. And when I can help another woman feel free and confident in her voice, my heart soars.

I grew up in the Bay Area and now live in magical Salt Lake City, UT with my adorable puppy, Charlie, and wonderful husband, Steve.


"I’ve got to tell you how much last weeks session was what I needed to hear. When I’m in conversation now I’m remembering to flex my muscle of staying in my own energy and not doing the empathic blend. It’s been really amazing to witness myself in that subtle shift.


I feel like that took alone brings me back into my confidence and authority. 
Thank you for working with such trust in the process."

J.W. | Business Owner 


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