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Sing, speak, and shine with confidence

Your voice matters

Your self-expression is one of the most powerful tools you possess as a human. With it you can connect to others, give form to emotion and thought, and powerfully shape your life.

Your voice matters because you matter. Your thoughts, emotions, spirit, and physical body matter. Your presence in the world matters.

The work we'll do empowers you to share your authentic singing, speaking, and creative voice with more confidence, ease, and pleasure.

Hi, I'm Lyra.

I love helping people fall in love with their voice. I work virtually and from Salt Lake City, Utah.


My mission is to help others sing, speak, present, and perform with confidence, joy, and love.

I really feel like what benefited me most was having my voice, and the expression in it, honored by another person…and that it gave me permission to open it up. I feel a lot better equip to begin recording my vocals. It was like you helped flip a switch I knew needed to flip but just couldn’t.

Jessica S.

Woke up this morning feeling lighter than I have in years, I actually wanted to get dressed up today - whatever you did it’s subtle and sweet and it feels really good.

Julia M.

What a powerful class. You hold an amazing space and capacity. I wanted you to know that I experienced a big shift into vulnerability with my voice. which is very big for me. Thank you for being you and sharing your gifts! I would love to do another class.

Jen B.

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Created with pleasure and love.

Voice empowerment coach Lyra on the salt flats

I want to let you know how much I am enjoying and growing through Singing Circles. Your energy, thoughtfulness and openness is so inspiring and empowering. I feel my heart and horizons have expanded in magical ways through this experience so far. 

Karla S.

Lyra Zabriskie is a supremely talented teacher, someone who has a rare magic gift to truly teach through Zoom, using it as an interactivity platform where users feel heard, engaged, and seen. She is a teacher whose human, genuine, and giving energy emanates through the fog of digital disruption and who knows how to connect to learners, meet them in their needs, and to open (and heal) their hearts. Her workshop was transformative and so many of our participants expressed real transformation from participating.

Laura H.

We got rave reviews for weeks after the event and have people asking us to bring Lyra back on a daily basis. Her ability to open a sacred space that everyone can find their way into and nourish each individual person with a tapestry of medicinal tones is magical and much needed in our community. We cannot wait to host another event!

Josh W.

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